South Indian Granite


Granite rocks are formed by slowly cooling the pockets of magma that are trapped beneath earth’s surface. These are igneous rocks and have the properties that make them unique material.

Granite stone find wide applications as flooring tiles in monuments, commercial buildings as well as homes. This stone is used as foundation for homes in many countries because of the strength it posses. Polished granite posses aesthetic properties and requires low maintenance and thus , it is a popular choice for kitchen tops. For all igneous rocks with large crystals, “Granite” has become a common term and thus it is not specific for stones having granite composition. Granite has begun to supplant marble in the choice of monument material with the increase in number of acid rains in many parts of the world. Polished granite surfaces are relatively flexible and impervious and thus they are generally used by Engineers as a plane of reference. Other applications of granite tiles are for memorials and other artifacts.

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