Corporate Social Responsibility

Natural Stone Depot is also dedicated towards its corporate social responsibility (CSR) along with its success. This is the reason why value is brought every day by us for all our valuable customers along with effective and environment friendly activities going on in parallel. Resource management and the responsibility towards the environment are some of the many ways used by Natural Stone Depot to create value. Recycling is used at the centers of distribution, sores and home offices etc. so as to reduce the waste.

Along with this, we also conserve the much needed energy by the use of systems for the energy management. We are also strictly against the crime of child labour. This is the reason why we take strict measures to ensure that no innocent life is forced to work at any if store or distribution centre. Also, we help to raise funds for the trusts that are working for the betterment and upliftment of the poor and needy people.

The company is also joined with the trusts that are working to spread awareness for the purpose of helping the poor people.The pillars of human rights, environment and labour as well help for the poor are upholded by us and we work diligently and passionately for this. Trust and sustainability are the factors that have enables Natural stone depot to not only grow but grow with the betterment of others.

Care of the environment by making use of the steps and process to make it green and clean and strict laws against the crime of child labour are especially taken care of at the stores, distribution centers as well as home offices of Natural Stone Depot so as to take care of our responsibilities.

Natural Stone Depot takes complete care of its corporate social responsibility along with growth and success.

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